Friday, May 25, 2012

Aamir Khan talks about marriage in India (probably after spying on me)

In the article linked below actor Aamir Khan talks about marriage in India. It's like he heard me rambling and complaining with my friends about the marriage system in India and then jotted down my thoughts.

I would say this needs more attention than corruption in India. Maybe if people thought more about the person rather than just the day of the marriage and families, more people would be happy, heck maybe there would be even less corruption :P.

Of course I am a minority in this way of thinking here in India. Judging by some of the comments* under that article, people are implying that this is a western ideology. As if to imply something that is being followed in the west is by default a bad thing, we Indians are after all the supreme in the so called department of "culture".

*Hit Ctrl F on that page and search for the word "western" to find those comments.

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