Monday, January 28, 2013

Elysium Comic-Con Video Interview with Matt Damon and Jodie Foster

Since the year 2013 began, whenever I am online catching up on movie updates, I keep hoping to see some news about the Elysium trailer or more so for the actual trailer to be online. The movie releases on August 9 and I'll be waiting another week until its India release on August 16. (Damn you Sony Pictures India).

So now in anticipation of the trailer I began going through the various comic-con videos which I had watched and saved from movie sites back in July 2012, but I forgot to share them online before.

If you enjoyed District 9 and if you're remotely excited about Elysium, you should consider watching these interview videos which are embedded below.

Matt Damon gets into more details as to how the movie took off and how he got the role, Neill Blomkamp's creative approach, importance of comic-con, among other things. Jodie Foster talks about comic-con, her movie Contact, her role in Elysium, themes explored in the film, the studio's involvement with Neill, her approach in acting, her directing projects.

There is a moment in the video where Matt Damon mentions, "there was a whole separate book on weaponry". And I couldn't stop smiling while thinking about the awesome weapons and props this movie is going to showcase.

You can now pre-order the book Elysium: The Art of the Film, which will also include inputs from designer Syd Mead.

Interview with Matt Damon by Edward Douglas of (If video plays glitchy on Firefox, use Chrome)

Interview with Jodie Foster by Steven Weintraub of

TEDxVancouver - Neill Blomkamp - November 21, 2009

While looking up on Elysium, I came across this TED talk given by Neill Blomkamp few months after District 9 got released. He talks about aliens and possible future Earth civilizations. The video is not exactly related to Elysium, still it's a great thought provoking talk by Neill on a fascinating subject.

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