Saturday, July 20, 2013

Amazing Spider-Man 2 Trailer Footage Shown At Comic-Con Panel

Here are some of the Twitter reactions from the Amazing Spider-Man panel at Comic-Con.

EricVespe: Amazing Spider-Man 2 is up next. Stands a good chance of being the biggest and best thing in the Hall today.

devincf: Sony is doing the multi screen thing for SPIDER-MAN, a la HOBBIT and PACIFIC RIM.

ErikDavis: Andrew Garfield sitting on the SPIDER-MAN panel as Spidey #ComicCon

devincf: Garfield is on stage in his Spidey suit. He's staying in character.

ErikDavis: Andrew Garfield is in character as Spider-Man & he's stealing the show. Geeking out on Jamie Foxx movies. "I loved Django!"

devincf: "I got these powers and I have to do something with them and I don't like assholes." - Spider-Man. #SDCC

eruditechick: Garfield, full costume, doing panel in character. "who is Andrew? I thought Eduardo Saverin played me."

empiremagazine: They're really going for this Spider-Man-is-real schtick. Garfield sells it. #ComicCon

EricVespe: I can't get over how sweet it is to have Spider-Man actually on this panel.

EricVespe: Foxx said he really wanted Electro to be someone who is the opposite of the jokey Spider-Man. "I want to burn the city to the ground."

EricVespe: Really impressed with the Amazing Spider-Man 2 footage. Fully away from the Raimi films now with no origin story.

devincf: Electro gets his powers from eels at oscorp. He flies. His power level is enormous - he seems to blow up a bunch of buildings. #SDCC

EricVespe: Electro's origin involves electrocution and electric eels in an Oscorp lab.

empiremagazine: Spider-footage: much bigger in scale than the first. Spidey catches a flying cop car like a pro. Quip level upped.

EricVespe: Also, Paul Giamatti screaming in a pissed off Russian accent is awesome. Hope he's more than a footnote in the film.

EricVespe: Harry Osborne seems to start out as angry and bad guy, Chris Cooper's Norman looks very sickly.

ErikDavis: Monster AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 trailer teases a silly start that quickly escalates to all-out mayhem. Ends w/ Electro destroying Times Square

ErikDavis: The only thing I wanted more of in that Spidey 2 trailer was Dane Dehaan. Only shot of Chris Cooper as Osborn, he seemed to be near death

EricVespe: Yep, Andrew was back after the footage ended, apologizing profusely for being late.

devincf: Nerd in UCB shirt confronts Garfield about being too sexy for Peter Parker. Garfield handled it well, said Maguire is always Spider-Man.

EricVespe: A gay Asian American attendee applauded Garfield for his recent statements about how Spider-Man could be gay

EricVespe: Garfield says that Spider-Man is supposed to stand for everybody, black, white, hispanic, gay, straight, transgendered, etc.

EricVespe: Because of the suit anybody can project what they want underneath, that's the beauty of Spider-Man, no matter what skin color or orientation

devincf: Garfield is one of the best panel personalities in the history of SDCC. He's so natural and funny and personable.

EricVespe: Said it wouldn't make sense for Peter to suddenly be with a black guy in the third film storywise... to which Jamie was all "I'm right here"

ErikDavis: The thing I love most about these new SPIDER-MAN movies is the tone. It's playful and silly, but still really fun & thrilling

Blake Wright: Foxx is humming the Superman theme to a kid dressed as Superman getting ready to ask a question.

EricVespe: High school kid dressed up as Superman strikes poses as Jamie Foxx sings the John Williams theme. #comicconisawesome

EricVespe: I love this panel! This sort of funny energy has been missing from Hall H today.

EricVespe: Webb says he's not tied down to one particular comic series, pulls from both the Ultimates and Ditko/Lee years.

EricVespe: Big Spider-Man fan asks Webb if it's too much having Rhino, Electro, the Osborns, etc. "I don't want another Spider-Man 3."

devincf: Audience applauds guy who is worried that AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 has too many characters and villains. #SDCC

EricVespe: Webb says Electro is by far the main villain. Rhino is a minor thing to add flavor. Calls Electro "God-like."

EricVespe: "How does Spider-Man touch someone who if you touch him is like touching a thousand third rails?"

ErikDavis: Fan: "What kind of Spider-Man storyline would you like to see in a movie?" Garfield: "I'd like to see him with the Avengers."

EricVespe: Garfield says he really wants to see Spider-Man with The Avengers. "You're not allowed to say that!"

devincf : "I want to see [Spider-Man] in The Avengers," - Andrew Garfield plays to the crowd at #SDCC

EricVespe: Garfield said that meeting Stan Lee for the first time was like meeting Mickey Mouse. "Is it you, O creator of everything great and holy!"

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