Friday, June 02, 2006

My First Blog

I have been postponing the whole idea of starting my own blog and was waiting for the right time to start it. Well June 2, 2006 doesn't seem like a significant date. I was kinda hoping it would fall on a date like Nov 12, but that's way too far for now, perhaps June 6..hmm.

Anyways I was furious after reading the following article in the Bangalore Times Edition.

Misleading Article

Here is the actual source of the article

And all this made me write my first letter to Times of India.

Dear Bangalore Times Editor,
This email is regarding the article that was published today in the Bangalore Times Edition about Jennifer Aniston (Page 7). This article is accompanied by Aniston's photo with the tag line "At her sarcastic best". And its sub titled "Jen is no more the sweet-girl-next door. Read what she has to say about Brad, Angelina and their new-born baby.." Now this is highly MISLEADING. Cause this was not written nor narrated by Jennifer Aniston.

The original source of the article:
By Helen A.S. Popkin
MSNBC contributor

This article was written several weeks back and was updated recently in the events of the birth of Jolie's baby.

This original article ends with a disclaimer saying that "Helen A.S. Popkin does not claim affiliation with either Team Aniston or Team Jolie." It is the author's personal ramblings about the whole Jolie-Pitt fiasco.

Now the person who added this article in the BT edition has not got his/her facts straight or that person has chose to ignore the facts in order to get a juicy article published. The damage is already done and since this is gossip about Hollywood celebrities and not about regional or national issues, this article probably WON'T have a follow up saying "The article published yesterday was wrongly quoted as attributed by Jennifer Aniston. The article was the writer's interpretation of Hollywood celebrities. We are sorry for the error and apologize if we have hurt our readers' sentiments."

Although this is the first time I am writing to Times of India, this is not the first time BT has published a misleading article. I am aware that the articles published in BT are more gossip oriented and trivial. But this is not something being out of context, its something totally fictitious. Most of the gossip articles in BT is copy & paste from the Internet. But the people writing/editing these articles should learn to do their homework before getting them published, do their research on the source of the articles rather than trying to come up with catchy titles for the articles.

Thank you for your time,

Vivek Bhat

Blogging seems to be a good way to vent out my frustration, of course this blog will be much more than venting my frustration.

Movies, Television, Comics & Action Figures are the more common topics you will find here and things which are absolute fiction in nature. No, I am not talking about Time Travel but World Peace.

For the people who are pondering about the significance of Nov 12, you will find the answer while watching the "Back to the Future" trilogy, my favourite movies of all time. As for June 06 (i.e 06.06.06) go here


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