Friday, May 22, 2015

NeoLev Back to the Future Part II Levitating Miniature Hoverboard Collection

Back to the Future Part II miniature Hoverboard set from NeoLev is one of the cool BTTF collectibles to come out this year. And hopefully there will be many more.

This is the Limited Signature Edition with laser-engraved signatures of Bob Gale, Robert Zemeckis and hoverboard designer John Bell. I managed to get the set numbered #121 of 488. You can order a set here from

It makes for a great display piece especially on your desk, thus allowing you to constantly nudge the boards to see them oscillate in action. These hoverboards are approximately 1:15 scale. The boards are made out of foam with pyrolytic graphite backing which allows them to levitate over the magnetic base.

Technical specifications listed below, followed by video and pictures.

    Five Pyrolytic Graphite Hoverboards to scale from movie
    Accurate decals placed on foam of the following Hoverboards:
    Marty McFly (pink board)
    Pit Bull (black board)
    Rising Sun (white board)
    No Tech (green board)
    Question Mark (black board)
    Optimal rectangular geometry for maximum levitation
    Near friction-less movement (oscillates for very long time)
    Dimensions Varies: 1.7-2.2 long x 0.60.7 wide x 0.1 thick
    Weight: 1 gram each

    Two rows of track for simultaneous boards to hover back and forth
    Sleek, durable black acrylic support plates
    Full colored Back to the Future logo decal
    Custom-made high grade NdFeB magnets are slightly angled to simulate 6 long half pipe track
    Magnet assemblies and acrylic materials product safety tested per ASTM 963 for Ages 8+
    Laser Engraved Universal/NeoLev logo
    Dimensions - 6.8 long x 2.1 wide x 1.3 tall
    Weight - 12 oz.