Sunday, November 20, 2011

Marty McFly art by Tyler Stout

This Marty McFly art on a 8x8 handbill was given away by artist Tyler Stout as a bonus item to everyone who ordered the "Le Loup de fer" art print. Thanks to Statue Forum member 'OpticBlast' who first posted about this.

Marty McFly

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Earlier this month several collectors received their copy, some received with silver background while others got it with red background. It is not numbered, but has the Art In Revolution stamp at the back. Tyler mentioned the following on his website "as for the extra smaller print, hopefully people enjoy it, just done for fun, not a hint or anything."

So yes, it is intended as a fun art project by the artist and is not to be considered as some teaser towards an official release. Though I don't own any of his posters, I am a big fan of Tyler Stout's art. His Akira poster is one my favourites. Every time I see Mondo releasing a poster for a classic movie, I always wonder if Back to the Future will get a similar poster treatment. If not a poster series by different artists, then at least a single poster design by Tyler Stout. Please make it happen Mondo.

Some of the other posters designed by Tyler Stout are posted below. You can find more on his website

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