Friday, June 10, 2016


I have played little of the World of Warcraft video game, so my interest in the movie was mainly due to the involvement of Duncan Jones and I liked it very much.

It's hard to see fantasy movies and battle scenes these days without being reminded of Lord of the Rings which had set the benchmark, but Duncan has pulled it off and he did a great job with it.

Warcraft doesn't emulate its fantasy genre predecessors and stands on its own especially with its visual look and action.

Warcraft's world and imagery is beautiful without appearing as being saturated with CG. Anyone assuming otherwise is being misled by the trailers. Also the realism of orcs is stunning.

Good performance by the actors, with Travis Fimmel as Lothar, Paula Patton as Garona and especially Toby Kebbell as Durotan with his performance capture work.

The story and characters take some interesting turns, which definitely could have been improved further with a longer running time. 

With just under 2 hours, the movie had me wanting to see more of the Warcraft world. I had the opposite reaction with the Hobbit movies. I surely enjoyed Warcraft more than the last Hobbit film. I hope they do a sequel to it.

Though I may not end up collecting anything Warcraft related, I am definitely tempted to look up Weta's Warcraft collectibles again.