Thursday, December 08, 2011

Vote for LEGO BTTF DeLorean

Back to the Future and LEGO fan Masashi Togami has built these awesome LEGO BTTF DeLoreans from BTTF Part 1 and 2, along with Marty & Doc mini figures.
You can vote, check more pics and details in the above link. After crossing the mark of 1,000 votes, Masashi got the following official message from the LEGO CUUSOO Team.

Congratulations on crossing over 1,000 votes! We usually give this message at 500, so this is coming a bit late. Better late than never!

Our team is impressed with the detail in your DeLorean model and the Doc and Marty minifigs. Given the 30th anniversary of Back to the Future is coming up in 2015 we see the potential of some BTTF commemorative LEGO models. Keep the ideas and the supporters coming! Best of luck in your journey to 10,000 supporters.

Click on the above page to know more about the LEGO Cuusoo platform and the reason for wanting 10,000 votes.
Currently the LEGO BTTF DeLorean page has about 1545 votes. Now we need your help to get to 10,000 votes. Please register and support the page, you can even use your Facebook login id.

Once you have voted please share the above link on Facebook, Twitter and across other websites. Masashi will be donating part of the sales cut received from LEGO towards the The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research.

Vote, share and let's make this LEGO BTTF DeLorean a reality.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Marty McFly art by Tyler Stout

This Marty McFly art on a 8x8 handbill was given away by artist Tyler Stout as a bonus item to everyone who ordered the "Le Loup de fer" art print. Thanks to Statue Forum member 'OpticBlast' who first posted about this.

Marty McFly

Image Source:

Earlier this month several collectors received their copy, some received with silver background while others got it with red background. It is not numbered, but has the Art In Revolution stamp at the back. Tyler mentioned the following on his website "as for the extra smaller print, hopefully people enjoy it, just done for fun, not a hint or anything."

So yes, it is intended as a fun art project by the artist and is not to be considered as some teaser towards an official release. Though I don't own any of his posters, I am a big fan of Tyler Stout's art. His Akira poster is one my favourites. Every time I see Mondo releasing a poster for a classic movie, I always wonder if Back to the Future will get a similar poster treatment. If not a poster series by different artists, then at least a single poster design by Tyler Stout. Please make it happen Mondo.

Some of the other posters designed by Tyler Stout are posted below. You can find more on his website

Captain America


Star Wars

The Empire Strikes Back

Return of the Jedi

Blade Runner


Total Recall



The Thing

Iron Man 2

Kill Bill

Saturday, October 22, 2011

BTTF 2 - Citroën DS Flying Taxi Cab Model - Now Available

I own the Citroën DS Flying Taxi Cab 1:43 model and when it comes to accuracy and detail it is the best BTTF model car which is not even a DeLorean. We can only hope that Hot Wheels will release an Elite version of the BTTF DeLorean with such attention to detail.

Preview of the two documentaries - Cab of t
he Future & All Cars Big and Small

Another video where we get to have a close up look at the model car (Language: Dutch)

Currently there are two versions of the Citroën DS Flying Taxi Cab 1:43 model available. One comes with a standard display stand and the other comes with a removable roof to be displayed in a diorama box, also included is the documentary DVD.

Michiel Sablerolle from Netherlands who owns the original screen used car had initially approached Norev to manufacture a single miniature version of the car for himself. But since they insisted that a minimum of 1000 pieces was required, a deal was struck.

Michiel got to keep 500 pieces of the model, while the other 500 pieces were for the company Norev/Provence Moulage Models.

To purchase these models contact Michiel directly at CITROMANIA@SABLEROLLE.NL

Both the models are pretty much the same with minor differences. Michiel has provided me with the following details and pictures.

PROVENCE MOULAGE MODEL ref: PM 0043 : 500 pieces
- normal black Provence Moulage box
- fixed roof
- Provence Moulage name written on model chassis
- the models are not numbered
- NO DVD included
- NO figures of MARTY and DOC

500 pieces were made of which Michiel bought 75 pieces and 25 pieces were given away as a promo gift to dealers.

So there are only 400 pieces for sale in shops and on the internet, with prices between 45 and 60 euros.


Official selling price should be 60 euros.

(Click to enlarge)

PROVEN MOULAGE MODEL : the 75 pieces, sold only by Michiel.
- the same items as above, only with one difference:
sold standard with figures of MARTY and DOC and 2 stickers (see 2 pictures below);
Price: 70 euros only available through Michiel

(Click to enlarge)

NOREV MODEL ref: 158130 : 500 pieces
- special diorama box with village place name sign (Hill Dale)
- roof can be taken of to see detailed interior
- models are numbered and limited to /500
- DVD included with 2 documentaries (2 x 20 minutes), 4 languages
- model has Norev name written on model chassis.
- NO figures of MARTY and DOC

Price: 80 euros - Last models (+/- 50) only available through Michiel.

(Click to enlarge)

The set of 2 figures Marty and Doc and 2 stickers is also still available, but only for people who already bought a Norev model.

They should give Michiel the number of their NOREV model car if they want a set. And the figures are also for the 50 still available Norev model car buyers.
Price: 15 euros only available through Michiel.

You can also check past discussions of the Flying Taxi Cab model in the threads below.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Working Magnetic Hoverboard

Magnetic Hoverboard which hovers few inches above the ground over a magnetic strip and can carry a person up to 100 kgs (220 lbs).

Check out the video demo below which was conducted by the Department of Physics from Paris Diderot University.

Thanks to Replica Prop Forum member 'Unresponsible' for sharing the video .

The Surf Mag (October 6, 2011). Google translation below.

Discover and test a futuristic skateboard: he levitates a few inches of soil above magnetic rails, and can carry people over 100 kg.
As part of the Festival of Science at the University Paris Diderot, the Department of Physics of this university for the first time the Surf Mag: skate a superconductor.

Witness the power of quantum properties of superconductors, discovered exactly 100 years ago! A superconductor conducts electricity perfectly, but in addition, it expels magnetic fields. Thus, pushing the magnetic field of the magnets, a superconductor can levitate!

A spectacular demonstration

Vincent Berger, President of the Paris Diderot University will conduct the first test flight of the prototype - developed and designed in the laboratory materials and quantum phenomena of the university - and testify to the unique sensations of skiing skateboarding provides.

With the Surf Mag, the carpet is no longer a tale of Arabian Nights. It becomes reality, the reality of a new era of our urban transport.

Launch of Surf Mag:
Wednesday, October 12, 2011 at 11:00
Village "Science mills"
University of Paris Diderot
esplanade Pierre Vidal-Naquet
75013 Paris

And other demonstrations of Surf Mag throughout the Festival of Science Village "Science mills":
Wednesday 12, Thursday 13, Friday, October 14 from 9 am to 5:30 p.m.
Saturday, October 15th from 13h to 17h30
Contact: Marie-Aude Measson, marie-aude.measson @


Tuesday, July 05, 2011

The Ultimate Crazy Wishlist for Marty and Doc Figures.

Mattel showing signs of uncertainty for the BTTF figures :(

They obviously need to make new sculpts like they did for the GB figures. Seems pointless to acquire the license if they won't make the basic figures of Doc and Marty.
July 2, 2011

"Also, to manage fans expectations for BTTF; for the record, at this point we have not been green lit for ANY action figures for this property. While we would love to make figures from BTTF, and we are constantly exploring scenarios to do so for fall 2012, at this point the only skus Mattel has officially announced are from the Hot Wheels group.

We are continuing to explore possible figure exections, but so far, we have not found a scenario that will allow us to afford the high tooling cost (unlike MOTU or GB there really isn't much shared tooling for BTTF, every figure is a 100% new tool which is VERY expensive, especially when you consider the low quota on collector lines). We are committed to exploring scenarios to make this work, we just have not found one - YET.

Also, and as we stated multiple times, IF we ever do get to BTTF action figures (which we hope to do, but again is still a big IF at this time) we only have the rights to Michael J Fox and Christopher Lloyd's characters. So if it does happen (and again, IF) to manage expectations, it will be limited to Marty and Doc if it happens at all (at this time). If you are expecting a full line of all the characters your expectations will not be met at this time. We simply do not have access to any additional characters or actors from the series beyond Marty and Doc from all 3 films (at this time)."

Even if Mattel don't intend to make figures of other characters, they can still make several variants of Marty and Doc. Yes it will be overkill, but fans like me and many others will eat it up. For years BTTF fans have complained about not having any BTTF figures, it won't be fair if we now start complaining that there are too many of them.

Here are the number of variants Mattel can choose for Marty and Doc along with their accessories. If not all, they could at least choose one of the accessories for each figure.

Back to the Future

1. Marty McFly (denim jacket)

- Skateboard
- Sunglasses
- Chiquita Yellow Guitar

2. Marty McFly (denim jacket with orange vest)

- Save the Clocktower flyer
- JVC Camera
- Outatime license plate

3. Marty McFly (yellow radiation suit with gloves)

- Aiwa Walkman
- Hair Dryer

4. Doc Brown (white radiation suit)

- Remote Control for DeLorean
- Einstein
- Doc's Silver Pistol
- Case of Plutonium

5. Doc Brown (silver robe in 1955)

- Brain-wave analyzer
- Copernicus

6. Marty McFly (maroon jacket)

- 1955 Skateboard

7. Doc Brown (white lab coat and goggles)

- Red Toy Car

8. Marty McFly (dance suit)

- Red Gibson Guitar
- Family Photo

9. Doc Brown (brown long over coat with gloves)

- Small Clock
- Marty's Letter Envelope
- Toolbox

Back to the Future - Part II

10. Marty McFly (white checkered shirt)

- Audition Tape Envelope
- Truck Keys

11. Doc Brown (golden robe)

- Silver Glasses & Microphone
- Sleep-inducing alpha rhythm generator
- USA Today Newspaper (Youth Jailed)

12. Marty McFly (red jacket)

- Holographic Cap
- Pink Hoverboard
- Sports Almanac

13 . Doc Brown (yellow train t-shirt)

- USA Today Newspaper (Gang Jailed)
- Future Binoculars

14. Marty McFly (maroon t-shirt)

- Hill Valley Telegraph (George McFly Murdered)

15. Doc Brown (black long overcoat)

- Hill Valley Telegraph (Emmett Brown Committed)
- Blast from the Past Bag
- Top of Biff's Cane.

16. Marty McFly (maroon t-shirt with black leather jacket and hat)

- Binoculars
- Sunglasses
- Walkie Talkie
- Hill Valley Telegraph (George McFly Honored)

17. Doc Brown (black long overcoat and hat)

- Walkie Talkie
- Hill Valley Telegraph (Emmett Brown Commended)

Back to the Future - Part III

18. Marty McFly (cave expedition suit with hard hat)

- Doc's 1885 Letter
- 1955 Camera

19. Doc Brown (cave expedition suit with hard hat)

- DeLorean Repair Instructions

20. Marty McFly (pink cowboy suit and hat)

- Doc's Tombstone Photo
- Doc's Clock Photo Card

21. Doc Brown (yellow cowboy cactus t-shirt and hat)

- Silver Pistol

22. Doc Brown (western outfit and hat)

- Rifle

23. Doc Brown (grey dance suit)

24. Marty McFly (western outfit with suit and hat)

- Pie Plate

25. Marty McFly (western outfit with poncho and hat)

- Bulletproof plate

26. Doc Brown (ELB train suit)

- Marty and Doc Clock Framed Photo

Of course there is no market for all these figures, only hardcore BTTF fans will choose to buy all of them. This is just an example to show the variant options available for Mattel and they can choose which to go for based on fan demand and production possibilities.

Since they won't bother with other characters, their production cost to create new sculpt for Marty and Doc needs to be justified; i.e. if they can reuse those sculpts to make more variants with few minor modifications. Thus creating business sense (profit) for their investment.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

BTTF Props Sold at Profiles in History Auction 44

The BTTF Props were part of the Profiles in History Hollywood Auction 44 which was held today on May 15 at Saban Theater in Beverly Hills, California.

Lot #1162
tic Surfboard from BTTF 2

Estimate: $8,000 - $10,000


Lot #1163
Mattel Hoverboard from BTTF 2

Estimate: $2,000 - $3,000

SOLD: $4,750

Note: This current Hoverboard was made of Styrofoam. The previous Hoverboard which was sold last year on December 18, 2010 was made out of wood and came with the handlebar. It went for $20,000

Lot #1164
DeLorean Time Machine
Repair Letter from BTTF 3

Estimate: $2,000 - $3,000

SOLD: $2,000

Lot #1165
"You're Fired!!!" Fax from BTTF 2

Estimate: $2,000 - $3,000

SOLD: $2,000

Lot #1166
Nike Mag Shoes from BTTF 2

Estimate: $12,000 - $15,000

SOLD: $18,000

The previous Nike Mag Shoe which was sold on November 6, 2010 was a single piece. It went for $14,000

Drew Struzan Limited Edition Art Prints

100% of the proceeds to benefit earthquake victims in Japan through Red Cross.

Lot #1623
Back to the Future Part 3 Poster Concept Art Print

Measures 33 in. x 22 in.
Signed and numbered "AP 1/20"

Estimate: $1,000 - $2,000

SOLD: $1,600

The amount for this print was the highest for an existing Drew Struzan artwork at this auction, tying with the posters for Revenge of the Jedi and Raiders of the Lost Ark; both went for $1,600 as well.

Lot #1628
Drew Struzan Hand Drawn Commission of a Movie Star (Personality) of the Winning Bidder's Choice.

Portrait measuring approx. 19 in. x 25 in., in colored pencil and acrylic.

Winning bidder to choose the movie star or personality of his/her choice, the artist chooses the specific likeness and composition so that it is the artist's vision.

Includes a signed hardcover First American edition of the book Drew Struzan: Oeuvre

Estimate: $5,000 - $10,000

SOLD: $5,500

I am now eager to know what movie franchise character will the winning bidder choose for this commission art.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Will you still support your local cinema theatres?

I think this Premium Video On Demand service (check above link) rolling out after the 60 days of the theatrical release seems okay now, as most of the sales earnings are done within few weeks of release. But what it will eventually lead to is discourage people from visiting the theatres all together (which is already happening slowly), as they need to wait only 2 months to watch the movie rather than 4 months which is the case for DVD and Blu-ray.

Most regular cinema buffs will continue to watch their anticipated movies during early opening weekends. But how will this affect the masses whose might choose late yet easier accessibility over early screenings?

Yes I am annoyed with people who talk on cellphones in the theatre, who give running commentary during the movie, who loudly consume their food and drinks, who bring little babies to the theatre.

Of course then there is the expensive ticket prices. Also I rarely eat at the theatre, not only because it is expensive but cause it's a distraction while watching certain movies. If I want to eat, I will eat somewhere else before or after the movie.

There is no escape from the ticket cost, but the rest of those annoying scenarios do not happen all the time.

In the end, I still prefer and enjoy watching movies at the theatre for the big screen, surround sound and sometimes for the communal experience. Yes it is not crucial for all type of movies, but there are quite a number of them through the year which are worth the ticket admission.

Friday, April 15, 2011

BTTF Props in Profiles in History - Auction 44

The Profiles in History Hollywood Auction 44 will be held May 14-15 at Saban Theater in Beverly Hills.

Download Catalog (102 MB with 401 pages)

BTTF props start from catalog page 277

Lot #1162
Futuristic Surfboard from BTTF 2

Estimate: $8,000 - $10,000

Lot #1163
Mattel Hoverboard from BTTF 2

Estimate: $2,000 - $3,000

Lot #1164
DeLorean Time Machine Repair Letter from BTTF 3

Estimate: $2,000 - $3,000

Lot #1165
"You're Fired!!!" Fax from BTTF 2

Estimate: $2,000 - $3,000

Lot #1166
Nike Mag Shoes from BTTF 2

Estimate: $12,000 - $15,000

Drew Struzan Limited Edition Art Prints

100% of the proceeds to benefit earthquake victims in Japan through Red Cross.

Catalog page 393

Lot #1623
Back to the Future Part 3 Poster Concept Art Print

Measures 33 in. x 22 in.
Signed and numbered "AP 1/20"

Estimate: $1,000 - $2,000

Lot #1628
Drew Struzan Hand Drawn Commission of a Movie Star (Personality) of the Winning Bidder's Choice.

Portrait measuring approx. 19 in. x 25 in., in colored pencil and acrylic.

Winning bidder to choose the movie star or personality of his/her choice, the artist chooses the specific likeness and composition so that it is the artist's vision.

Includes a signed hardcover First American edition of the book Drew Struzan: Oeuvre

Estimate: $5,000 - $10,000

Source: Original Prop Blog

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Why Space Travel is still important

On the 50th anniversary of the first human space flight, completed by Yuri Gagarin lead to this discussion on the RPF forum about the importance of space exploration, which promoted me to jot down my thoughts on this subject.

Let's forget about Mars colonization, lunar base or manned space flight and for a minute just focus on satellites. When rockets were designed and launched in the 1950s, did they built them cause they expected to achieve rapid communication and broadcasting, high-speed exchange of information and data? No, all those inventions and technologies progressed after the evolutionary cycle of rockets, leading to the launch of the first satellite Sputnik and eventually having hundreds of artificial satellites floating around our planet. Many of which are playing a key role in our daily life activities.

RPF Member tripoli listed some good examples as to how space research has resulted in many applications on Earth.

"Fire retardant materials, Velcro, electronic applications, machining, metal alloys. Airbus uses the composite research from Apollo to make their new innovative aircraft. close to 10,000 direct applications from Apollo alone here on Earth.

Want a few personal applications? Weather satellites, communications, environmental studies, electronics miniaturization on the computer you are typing on, plastics in almost everything in most households."

Continuation of space flight and research is crucial as it helps to expand our vast potential, which will never be achieved if we choose to abandon space exploration all together. Of course we have so many problems on Earth, that needs to be addressed and worked upon. But that does not mean space travel needs to take a backseat until all other Earth problems are resolved.

Somebody invented the wheel, leading to carriages and eventually automobiles. If the Wright Brothers and inventors like them decided that we have enough successful transportation systems for local travel and ships to move around the world, aviation would never see the light of the day and space travel would have remained a science fiction idea.

Going to Mars is not just about discovering resources and establishing colonies, the struggle to reach Mars will involve overcoming so many hurdles that will itself lead to many new inventions and discoveries. Better spacecraft, alternative fuel, reusable launching rockets resulting in saving millions of dollars for future rocket launches.

If a natural calamity hits a city in the world, there are airplanes to take people across to another city for safety. If a natural calamity hits the entire planet, where are we going to go? Yes, it may not happen in our lifetime now, maybe not even for another few hundred years, so why should we bother? If the people and inventors in the past had that approach and attitude, can you imagine how we would be living in a world without aviation and satellite communication? Of course we can live without them, people have done that for centuries, but it's better now since we don't have to do that.

Between the 60s and 70s and sometimes in the early 90s, the NASA budget was over 1% to 3% of the US federal budget crossing even 4% in the mid 60s. But otherwise it has always remained below 1%. In 2008, it was 0.6% which is about $17.3 billion out of the $2.9 trillion US federal budget.

It saddens me that in the 50 years of manned space travel, there have been very few from India who have traveled into Space. But this recent discovery of the biggest lunar cave by the Indian spacecraft Chandrayaan-1 is stepping in the right direction.

In the 1960s, it was a race between US and Soviet Union. Now with the International Space Station and other space programs it is a collaboration between them and eventually among other countries as well.

I will conclude this post with the following video, which is fan made promo for NASA using the words of Carl Sagan. (Original video and music credited to Michael Marantz)

Friday, March 25, 2011

Few words on Sucker Punch and my resurrected blog

My last blog post was around 5 years ago in 2006 about Superman Returns, thought it would be only fitting if I resurrect my blog to share few words about Zack Snyder's movie Sucker Punch, who is also directing a Superman movie to be released in December 2012.

Sucker Punch proves to be more than just eye candy with plenty of back-to-back action (obviously) and little dose of intrigue to keep you occupied with guesswork. Due to its quick pace the movie lacks a deeper story and though we do not get to really know all the characters, the key characters provide the little emotional momentum all the way through in spite of the ending not really boding well for me.

Sucker Punch is a solid effort by Zack Snyder to deliver an original movie with great amount of visuals and awe moments. But Watchmen still remains my favourite Zack Snyder film, here is hoping his Superman film tops that.