Tuesday, July 05, 2011

The Ultimate Crazy Wishlist for Marty and Doc Figures.

Mattel showing signs of uncertainty for the BTTF figures :(

They obviously need to make new sculpts like they did for the GB figures. Seems pointless to acquire the license if they won't make the basic figures of Doc and Marty.

July 2, 2011

"Also, to manage fans expectations for BTTF; for the record, at this point we have not been green lit for ANY action figures for this property. While we would love to make figures from BTTF, and we are constantly exploring scenarios to do so for fall 2012, at this point the only skus Mattel has officially announced are from the Hot Wheels group.

We are continuing to explore possible figure exections, but so far, we have not found a scenario that will allow us to afford the high tooling cost (unlike MOTU or GB there really isn't much shared tooling for BTTF, every figure is a 100% new tool which is VERY expensive, especially when you consider the low quota on collector lines). We are committed to exploring scenarios to make this work, we just have not found one - YET.

Also, and as we stated multiple times, IF we ever do get to BTTF action figures (which we hope to do, but again is still a big IF at this time) we only have the rights to Michael J Fox and Christopher Lloyd's characters. So if it does happen (and again, IF) to manage expectations, it will be limited to Marty and Doc if it happens at all (at this time). If you are expecting a full line of all the characters your expectations will not be met at this time. We simply do not have access to any additional characters or actors from the series beyond Marty and Doc from all 3 films (at this time)."

Even if Mattel don't intend to make figures of other characters, they can still make several variants of Marty and Doc. Yes it will be overkill, but fans like me and many others will eat it up. For years BTTF fans have complained about not having any BTTF figures, it won't be fair if we now start complaining that there are too many of them.

Here are the number of variants Mattel can choose for Marty and Doc along with their accessories. If not all, they could at least choose one of the accessories for each figure.

Back to the Future

1. Marty McFly (denim jacket)

- Skateboard
- Sunglasses
- Chiquita Yellow Guitar

2. Marty McFly (denim jacket with orange vest)

- Save the Clocktower flyer
- JVC Camera
- Outatime license plate

3. Marty McFly (yellow radiation suit with gloves)

- Aiwa Walkman
- Hair Dryer

4. Doc Brown (white radiation suit)

- Remote Control for DeLorean
- Einstein
- Doc's Silver Pistol
- Case of Plutonium

5. Doc Brown (silver robe in 1955)

- Brain-wave analyzer
- Copernicus

6. Marty McFly (maroon jacket)

- 1955 Skateboard

7. Doc Brown (white lab coat and goggles)

- Red Toy Car

8. Marty McFly (dance suit)

- Red Gibson Guitar
- Family Photo

9. Doc Brown (brown long over coat with gloves)

- Small Clock
- Marty's Letter Envelope
- Toolbox

Back to the Future - Part II

10. Marty McFly (white checkered shirt)

- Audition Tape Envelope
- Truck Keys

11. Doc Brown (golden robe)

- Silver Glasses & Microphone
- Sleep-inducing alpha rhythm generator
- USA Today Newspaper (Youth Jailed)

12. Marty McFly (red jacket)

- Holographic Cap
- Pink Hoverboard
- Sports Almanac

13 . Doc Brown (yellow train t-shirt)

- USA Today Newspaper (Gang Jailed)
- Future Binoculars

14. Marty McFly (maroon t-shirt)

- Hill Valley Telegraph (George McFly Murdered)

15. Doc Brown (black long overcoat)

- Hill Valley Telegraph (Emmett Brown Committed)
- Blast from the Past Bag
- Top of Biff's Cane.

16. Marty McFly (maroon t-shirt with black leather jacket and hat)

- Binoculars
- Sunglasses
- Walkie Talkie
- Hill Valley Telegraph (George McFly Honored)

17. Doc Brown (black long overcoat and hat)

- Walkie Talkie
- Hill Valley Telegraph (Emmett Brown Commended)

Back to the Future - Part III

18. Marty McFly (cave expedition suit with hard hat)

- Doc's 1885 Letter
- 1955 Camera

19. Doc Brown (cave expedition suit with hard hat)

- DeLorean Repair Instructions

20. Marty McFly (pink cowboy suit and hat)

- Doc's Tombstone Photo
- Doc's Clock Photo Card

21. Doc Brown (yellow cowboy cactus t-shirt and hat)

- Silver Pistol

22. Doc Brown (western outfit and hat)

- Rifle

23. Doc Brown (grey dance suit)

24. Marty McFly (western outfit with suit and hat)

- Pie Plate

25. Marty McFly (western outfit with poncho and hat)

- Bulletproof plate

26. Doc Brown (ELB train suit)

- Marty and Doc Clock Framed Photo

Of course there is no market for all these figures, only hardcore BTTF fans will choose to buy all of them. This is just an example to show the variant options available for Mattel and they can choose which to go for based on fan demand and production possibilities.

Since they won't bother with other characters, their production cost to create new sculpt for Marty and Doc needs to be justified; i.e. if they can reuse those sculpts to make more variants with few minor modifications. Thus creating business sense (profit) for their investment.