Thursday, April 21, 2011

Will you still support your local cinema theatres?

I think this Premium Video On Demand service (check above link) rolling out after the 60 days of the theatrical release seems okay now, as most of the sales earnings are done within few weeks of release. But what it will eventually lead to is discourage people from visiting the theatres all together (which is already happening slowly), as they need to wait only 2 months to watch the movie rather than 4 months which is the case for DVD and Blu-ray.

Most regular cinema buffs will continue to watch their anticipated movies during early opening weekends. But how will this affect the masses whose might choose late yet easier accessibility over early screenings?

Yes I am annoyed with people who talk on cellphones in the theatre, who give running commentary during the movie, who loudly consume their food and drinks, who bring little babies to the theatre.

Of course then there is the expensive ticket prices. Also I rarely eat at the theatre, not only because it is expensive but cause it's a distraction while watching certain movies. If I want to eat, I will eat somewhere else before or after the movie.

There is no escape from the ticket cost, but the rest of those annoying scenarios do not happen all the time.

In the end, I still prefer and enjoy watching movies at the theatre for the big screen, surround sound and sometimes for the communal experience. Yes it is not crucial for all type of movies, but there are quite a number of them through the year which are worth the ticket admission.

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