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BTTF 2 - Citroën DS Flying Taxi Cab Model - Now Available

I own the Citroën DS Flying Taxi Cab 1:43 model and when it comes to accuracy and detail it is the best BTTF model car which is not even a DeLorean. We can only hope that Hot Wheels will release an Elite version of the BTTF DeLorean with such attention to detail.

Preview of the two documentaries - Cab of t
he Future & All Cars Big and Small

Another video where we get to have a close up look at the model car (Language: Dutch)

Currently there are two versions of the Citroën DS Flying Taxi Cab 1:43 model available. One comes with a standard display stand and the other comes with a removable roof to be displayed in a diorama box, also included is the documentary DVD.

Michiel Sablerolle from Netherlands who owns the original screen used car had initially approached Norev to manufacture a single miniature version of the car for himself. But since they insisted that a minimum of 1000 pieces was required, a deal was struck.

Michiel got to keep 500 pieces of the model, while the other 500 pieces were for the company Norev/Provence Moulage Models.

To purchase these models contact Michiel directly at CITROMANIA@SABLEROLLE.NL

Both the models are pretty much the same with minor differences. Michiel has provided me with the following details and pictures.

PROVENCE MOULAGE MODEL ref: PM 0043 : 500 pieces
- normal black Provence Moulage box
- fixed roof
- Provence Moulage name written on model chassis
- the models are not numbered
- NO DVD included
- NO figures of MARTY and DOC

500 pieces were made of which Michiel bought 75 pieces and 25 pieces were given away as a promo gift to dealers.

So there are only 400 pieces for sale in shops and on the internet, with prices between 45 and 60 euros.


Official selling price should be 60 euros.

(Click to enlarge)

PROVEN MOULAGE MODEL : the 75 pieces, sold only by Michiel.
- the same items as above, only with one difference:
sold standard with figures of MARTY and DOC and 2 stickers (see 2 pictures below);
Price: 70 euros only available through Michiel

(Click to enlarge)

NOREV MODEL ref: 158130 : 500 pieces
- special diorama box with village place name sign (Hill Dale)
- roof can be taken of to see detailed interior
- models are numbered and limited to /500
- DVD included with 2 documentaries (2 x 20 minutes), 4 languages
- model has Norev name written on model chassis.
- NO figures of MARTY and DOC

Price: 80 euros - Last models (+/- 50) only available through Michiel.

(Click to enlarge)

The set of 2 figures Marty and Doc and 2 stickers is also still available, but only for people who already bought a Norev model.

They should give Michiel the number of their NOREV model car if they want a set. And the figures are also for the 50 still available Norev model car buyers.
Price: 15 euros only available through Michiel.

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