Monday, March 05, 2012

Back to the Future poster THE SCIENTIST by artist James White

If you love movie posters and BTTF, it's been an exciting time in the last few days. Last week we had the Mondo Back to the Future posters by Phantom City Creative (Justin Erickson & Paige Reynolds).

And today artist James White (who like PCC is also from Canada) has showcased his poster for Back to the Future with this fantastic and sleek design for Doc Brown titled THE SCIENTIST.

From his blog:
Here’s a poster design of everyone’s favorite scientist, Dr. Emmett L. Brown. In between doing full movie posters I like to do practice pieces to improve on some skills and techniques I’m exploring. This one started that way, as did THE SMUGGLER

I’d like to think this was the expression Doc had on his face right before that lightning struck the DeLorean at the end of Part II. Stone cold determination, bravery and curiosity toward the unknown. But lets face it, he was probably screaming like a loon. His character was always my favorite from the BACK TO THE FUTURE trilogy. So here he is, heroic, immortalized in blue and purple. 

“Roads? Where we’re going, we don’t need roads.” 

Artist James White also did this cool poster for Drive as a fun project, which was then officially released in a limited run back in January.

But the week prior to the Drive poster release, James did an interview with Burlesque Design where he listed Drew Struzan's BTTF poster as one of his top 5 favourite movie posters. Since then I've been wondering if James would ever consider making his own BTTF poster.

I have been following him on Twitter in the last couple of months and his following tweet from last week is when I realized things were about to get heavy.

 "Was hoping to get this fun poster done today, but ran out of time. Which is ironic considering what I'm creating ..."

And this was from yesterday.

 "Finalized tomorrow's poster launch, regular and variant versions. Science, you are in my crosshairs. #88mph"

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