Monday, February 29, 2016

Oscars 2016

Couldn't watch Oscars 2016 live before, finally caught up to it now. Still have to catch up to many of the Oscar movies.

Glad to see that Brie Larson won. Leonardo DiCaprio finally got the Oscar and he gave a great speech.

I was most surprised with Ex Machina winning Best Visual Effects, thought Star Wars would get it. But in retrospective Ex Machina likely seemed more deserving, as it brought in more convincing flawless realism through visual effects.

Chris Rock was funny and insightful as always, he also addressed the controversies head on. But my most entertaining moment of Oscars 2016 was when Louis C.K. introduced the Documentary Short Subject category, he was so freaking hilarious.

And it was good to hear Back to the Future's Power of Love instrumental music playing just before the Costume Design category.

Though it didn't win Best Picture, I was very happy to see Mad Max: Fury Road winning many of the other creative and technical awards.

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