Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Factory Entertainment to release Back to the Future Shakems

Factory Entertainment has acquired the Back to the Future license and they will be rolling out some cool BTTF products in 2013. Starting off with their Shakems line, which are similar to bobbleheads as in mini statues with spring action. The first four BTTF Shakems are as follows.

Doc Brown Shakems
Marty McFly Hoverboard Shakems
DeLorean Time Machine Shakems
Manure Truck Accident Shakems

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These are prototypes and are still in approval stages. Yes, there are no actor likeness on these products and due to the bobblehead type nature of these products, they appear to be more cartoonized versions of the characters. Still the sculpts looks good and costume details are captured quite nicely, but Marty's face needs to be more expressive. Also Doc's costume needs the orange markings and his shoes could use the brown color touch up. Overall it's refreshing to see a company releasing BTTF products beyond DeLorean models. I love the DeLorean Time Machine and I'm looking forward to Hot Wheels releasing their Elite BTTF DeLorean Models in 1:43 and 1:18 scale later this year.

But I also want to see more characters from the BTTF universe being released in the figure and statue format. These Shakems from Factory Entertainment is a good start towards that. And I have to say, that Biff's car filled with manure display is just brilliant. This is what I want to see, a company doing the unconventional and really embracing their acquired licenses. It's great to see that memorable and hilarious moment from the film being captured in a sculpture format like that. More movie scene specific sculptures please.

Mattel acquired the BTTF action figure license along with actor likeness rights back in 2011 and then backed out from producing the figures. Hot Toys has acquired the BTTF license along with likeness rights, though I am not sure if we will see any figures in 2013. From what I discussed with Factory Entertainment, they seem very passionate about the BTTF franchise and I think they will do the BTTF line justice. Also FE makes movie prop replicas, so maybe down the line we can finally have a company doing accurate BTTF prop replicas.

Last month I got the Universal Monsters - Frankenstein Limited Edition VFX Bust from Factory Entertainment. And it's a gorgeous piece of art. I can only hope FE manages to get actor likeness rights and releases more similar BTTF character products in the future.

To know more about Factory Entertainment, check out their website below and follow them on Facbook and Twitter.

Along with Back to the Future, Factory Entertainment is releasing products from Jaws, Jurassic Park, Ghostbusters, Shawn of the Dead and others. Thanks to and Action Figure Times for all the photo coverage.

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